WORD CABINET by Lisa Strøander


WORDS that were said in excess
WORDS that were way too rare
WORDS that disappeared
echoed in the black
WORDS that were without due care

WORDS that flew the Atlantic
WORDS that never returned
WORDS that were silent
no one remember
WORDS that were piled and burned

WORDS that were carried by wind
WORDS that were now thawing
WORDS that were lithe
hung free in the air
WORDS that were used for sowing

WORDS that no one recall
WORDS that themselves fulfilled
WORDS that split the World
like wars
WORDS that finally killed

WORDS that rolled off the tongue
WORDS that panic reaved
WORDS that stand not the light 
only darkness
WORDS that no one received

DATE: 06.01.2118
TIME: 15.55


1. Access to the isolated, physical word is no longer common. The Digital World has made all forms of handwriting superfluous, and only a very few exist, who master this art.

2. Authentic words, as they are called, can be experienced in special collections, ia. in museums and antiquarian circles. Most educational institutions also has a small cabinet at their disposal, where rare types of words and sentences are archived and can be studied with utmost carefulness.

Due to The Digital Crash in 2078, the attention towards the handwritten word is increased further, and there now is a constantly rising interest in the authentic word. The value of these words grow steadily, in concurrence with the emergence of more and more unique collections.

3. An increasing amount of people choose to have their own little private word cabinet, where the owner for all eternity can let oneself materialize through physical word and thought. The so-called word-collectors also exist, whose goal it is to collect specific words based on individual interests. (The quality of these word cabinets can vary, both in condition and quantity.) .

Designer: Lisa Strøander
Materials: Wood, paper, printing ink
Sponsors: Produktionsskolen K-U-B-A